We offer justice and transformative conflict services that will be tailored to meet your personal, interpersonal and collective or organizational growth needs. Please contact us with inquiries and to discuss options.


Mediation consists of a third party tasked with facilitating communication between two or more people experiencing conflict. The mediator will help gently guide the parties to more understanding and resolve.

You might want mediation if…

There are very different communication styles among the people involved

You want to feel heard

You have already tried and hit an impasse

There is a power imbalance among the people involved

It is being required of you

You want to work it out and care about your relationship

You believe in a more gentle process for solving conflict

You want to find satisfaction with an outcome

You value a nonviolent method of resolving conflict

You don’t want to rely on the courts

You want to be actively involved in the process

You want to build trust from the inside out

Conflict Consulting

For groups, workplaces, organizations, families and friends, we will consult with you to make plans for finding your way through conflict and harm. This could be to work through past harms, as well as supporting you in creating your own accountability structure for a healthier culture.