About Us

We are a collective of highly skilled and experienced facilitators, trainers, and conflict transformation practitioners. Each with our own lived and professional experiences, we come to this work with a justice centered lens, looking to support our communities through conflict, harm, healing and broader movement work. We were drawn closer as a team as the calls for abolition and defunding of the police have grown louder, seeing a more tangible need for community conflict care-taking and transformation of harm.

yvette shipman

yvette’s life’s work in justice and transformative change embodies a social practice of creativity towards healing and spiritual growth. As a trained mediator and facilitator, yvette moves through the world with integrity and ease; honoring folx where they are.  She works to build generative spaces with individuals and organizations to bring about individual, collective, and societal transformation. yvette feels most connected to herself and her ancestors when practicing the artistry of tea and tisane blending and conversation. yvette has a B.A. in Communications and an M.A. in Social and Public Policy with a focus on Conflict Mediation and Peace Studies.

Lizzie Anderson

Lizzie Anderson, LCSW, CD(DONA) is a lover of justice and relationships. She is community and professionally trained and practiced as a therapist, mediator and conflict worker, facilitator, workshop creator and implementer, a meeting and retreat facilitator and doula.  Lizzie has a Master’s degree in Social Work that included a thesis project on restorative and transformative justice, which extended from her belief in abolition and the necessity to transform harm and care more fully for those harmed.  As the creator and leader of many mediations, workshops, trainings and meetings, Lizzie understands and values the worth of good, open, loving conversation and how that leads us to both personal and cultural change.

Shanon Hughes

Shanon has been practicing social work and mediation in various capacities for over 10 years.  With her experience in behavioral health, juvenile justice, violence prevention, advocacy, and mutual aid, she pulls all of her collective experience and knowledge to help navigate difficult conversations between parties struggling to find mutual understanding.  Shanon is particularly interested in the continuum of violence and believes that conflict can always be mitigated before irreparable harm occurs.  It only takes intentional community-driven and person-centered intervention.

Shanon focuses on interpersonal and workplace mediation.

“Fundamentally speaking, most people are not with intention to hurt others. Sometimes, our best known choices can mean pain for someone else when understanding and communication are barriers.

That’s called conflict and that is ok. It’s our duty, as interveners, to help work through it.”

Shanon Williams

etta cetera

etta cetera is a bridge builder, mediator, community organizer and heArtist who is deeply committed to transformative & racial justice. For over a decade, etta has been facilitating community dialogues, workshops & justice based study groups that foster community dialogue and challenge oppression. She is certified through Pittsburgh’s Dialogue and Resolution Center, Office of the Victim’s Advocate dialogue program and Just Mediation Pittsburgh. 

etta has been working as an on call medical advocate at Pittsburgh Action Against Rape since the spring of 2019 and has worked with people in prison for 20 years. 

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